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2003 Lumenis Lightsheer XC

Brand: Lumenis

Model: Lightsheer XC

Type of Laser: Diode 

Treatments:  Hair Removal

Lumenis LightSheer XC Laser System for hair removal on all skin types.

Wavelength: 810nm (790-830nm)

Max Power: 2900W

Pulse width: 5-400ms

Repetition Rate: ≤2Hz

Fluence: 10-100 J/cm2

Date of Manufacture – 2003

Accessories Included with Purchase – Power Cord, System Key, System Interlock, Foot Pedal, Treatment Goggles, Patient Goggles

Warranty – Comes standard with a 30-Day Warranty, guaranteed to arrive in perfect working condition.

Additional information

Weight 114 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 15 × 38 in


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