The Benefits of Buying Used Aesthetic Equipment from Laser Resellers

Posted on in Buying Used Equipment by Zac

Owners of med spas and cosmetic clinics are constantly having to figure out whether or not to invest in used aesthetic equipment. A limited budget can create problems for business owners when offering advanced laser treatment. We’ve compiled a list of all of our favorite reasons to buy used aesthetic equipment from Laser Resellers that will help you save while providing clients with exceptional service. 

Used Aesthetic Equipment Saves Time and Money 

Purchasing a used device, in most cases, can save you 70% on retail pricing and allows you to offer cheaper treatment plans to your clientele. One recent example was when we sold a Candela GentleMax Pro to a client for $49,000, which would generally cost you $120,000 from the manufacturer. A company can turn a profit with used aesthetic equipment faster and more efficiently than from a manufacturer. 

A Transparent Experience Buying Used Equipment 

Laser Resellers is committed to providing quality used aesthetic equipment. Transparency is something that can be hard to find in our marketplace. You need to do your research to make sure lasers for sale are coming from a reputable company. Many “brokers” in this industry might not be truthful about used aesthetic equipment they have in stock, but with Laser Resellers, you’ll always get the truth. 

Experts You Can Trust and Quality You Can See 

Product quality of all of our used aesthetic equipment is of the utmost importance to our company. We have all of our devices tested and verified by trained service representatives or laser technicians before they leave our doors. Almost every team member has worked for companies such as Syneron-Candela, Cynosure, Palomar, Cutera, Lumenis, Solta Medical, Hoya ConBio, Zimmer, Iridex and many more. 

Our pricing is very competitive and, in some cases, we offer in-house financing to qualified buyers. We will always be upfront about the status of the equipment whether it’s in stock, or it’s something we are consigning for another party. We have a great selection of used Alex lasers, NdYag lasers, 1064 lasers, 755 lasers, body contouring devices and more! Looking for used aesthetic equipment? Check out our lasers for sale. 

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