Invest in a Cutera Enlighten for Tattoo Removal

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As of today, over 145 million Americans have tattoos, but not everyone remains satisfied with the finished piece. As the tattoo industry has grown, so has the need for tattoo removal. Whether it’s a poorly rendered rose or the name of an ex-lover, many tattoos wear out their welcome. In fact, the tattoo removal market is expected to hit a whopping 12.7% year-over-year growth through 2023. So, if you’re considering adding or upgrading tattoo removal services to your dermatology practice, there’s no better time to invest in a Cutera Enlighten laser. This versatile device can treat a wide variety of circumstances, allowing you to not only capitalize on the recent uptick in tattoo removal procedures, but help your patients get the clear skin they desire. 

Tattoo Removal Technology

Tattoos have been around almost since the dawn of our existence, and so has tattoo removal. Back in the olden days, tattoos were removed by applying wine, lime, or garlic to the skin in an effort to remove the ink, which wasn’t all that effective. The next iteration of tattoo removal procedures involved surgery to take away the tattoo and the surrounding tissue. This method was certainly more efficient, but it would often leave the patient with permanent scarring. In more recent years, carbon dioxide (CO2) and nanosecond lasers (Q-switch lasers) were introduced, revolutionizing the process. However, nanosecond lasers work best on inks with large particle sizes, and while these devices were less invasive than surgery, they offered limited results that often came with side effects such as scarring, hypopigmentation, and hyperpigmentation.

Luckily, patients now have the option to have their tattoos removed with picosecond technology, the most innovative tattoo removal method to date. Today’s ultra-fast picosecond lasers offer less risk and pain, provide faster results, remove a broader range of colors, and they can do so in fewer treatment sessions. The procedure is highly customizable and can eliminate even difficult-to-target tattoo colors, opening the door for expanded treatment options and tattoo refinement. The best part is, it’s safe and effective across all skin tones — from fair to dark skin.

Tattoo Removal Methods 

Laser tattoo removal systems create highly focused bursts of light that are capable of destroying tattoo pigments. The laser energy will move through the upper layers of the dermis without causing damage until it arrives at the tattoo pigment, where it is absorbed. This laser energy then causes a rapid reaction in the pigment, breaking it into particles. Finally, the particles will move through the body, and eventually, exit through normal immune system functions.

1064 nm and 532 nm are the two most commonly used laser wavelengths in this procedure, and each one is best utilized for certain ink pigments, and on certain skin tones. However, wavelength isn’t the only thing that matters – so does pulse duration and spot size. By matching pulse duration to ink particle size, more complete, faster clearance is achieved. This is because larger particles respond better to longer pulse durations, but as particles become smaller, shorter pulse durations are better suited for the job. In addition, you’ll want to find a device with an adjustable spot size to target ink at different depths. Large spot sizes such as 10 mm target the deepest ink, while smaller ones such as 3mm target the ink closest to the surface.

All of that being said, every tattoo is different – the same approach won’t work for everyone. Depending on the patient’s skin tone, different wavelengths may be utilized, and depending on the type of ink (cosmetic, professional, or amateur), different methods may be necessary. 

Cosmetic ink can be removed, but it has the potential to oxidize depending on the color. Typically, it’s best to use 1064 nm or 755 nm-730 nm when treating black, gray, or brown brows.

Professional ink (even from a reputable artist) can have heavy metals, lipids, and other components that can affect the removal process. The best wavelength to use for professional ink is determined by the ink color. Typically it’s recommended to use 1064 nm or 532 nm to treat dark pigments like black and blue and warm-toned colors. However, 755 nm & 694 nm have proven to be most effective for difficult-to-remove light blue and green pigments. 

Amature tattoo ink could be made out of almost anything. From Indian ink to soot, a wide range of materials can be used to permanently distribute pigment within the dermis. Amature tattoos are typically done with a black pigment and are recommended to be removed with 1064 nm to target the dark ink.

The Cutera Enlighten

Unlike most tattoo removal devices on the market, the Cutera Enlighten has both a pair of picosecond lasers along with a pair of nanosecond lasers, making four lasers in total. Having both longer (2 nanoseconds) and shorter (750/660 picoseconds) pulse durations in one system makes it versatile enough to clear all ink colors, variable ink particle sizes, and variable ink densities in fewer treatments. In addition, it offers both 532 and 1064 laser wavelengths to help your patients experience faster tattoo removal in fewer treatments on any color of tattoo.

These features give the Cutera Enlighten an advantage, as the varied wavelengths and the combination of laser types allow you to customize the tattoo removal for the specific patient’s needs. When you have the ability to apply the correct wavelengths, the correct spot sizes, and the correct energy levels no matter the patient, you can effectively serve a much wider population with this single device. 

Additional Treatments Offered

Beyond tattoo removal, the Cutera Enlighten and its broad range of specifications enable the removal of unwanted pigmented lesions, and address skin revitalization concerns using two additional signature procedures. The PICO Genesis™ selectively shatters pigment and induces dermal disruption and remodeling, revitalizing skin in fewer than three sessions. The PICO Genesis™ FX combines the 1064 nm wavelength with Enlighten’s microlens array attachment to address acne scars, skin texture and quality, and pores on all skin types. 

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