The Importance of Catching Up on Laser Maintenance During Office Downtime

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Right now is the perfect time to catch up on completing your cosmetic laser maintenance. While offices are slow due to Coronavirus, you should take advantage of this time to figure out which devices need to be serviced. With Laser Resellers, we make it easy to schedule maintenance services and request a technician. Here is why it is important to schedule routine maintenance during office downtime: 

Routine Laser Maintenance

There is a lot of office downtime in clinics right now, which gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on requesting repairs for your cosmetic lasers while clients are at home. Often times, when cosmetic lasers lose their warranty, the manufacturer no longer conducts routine maintenance. This makes it easy for normal laser maintenance schedules to fall through the cracks. 

Devices Become Neglected

Major issues arise when cosmetic laser maintenance gets neglected. Neglected maintenance can cause clinics to lose thousands of dollars in repair in the future due to equipment failure. Additionally, waiting until the very last moment that a cosmetic laser needs to be serviced can cause a disruption in available procedures causing clinics to lose money because they have to wait for the laser to get back into service.

Laser Reseller Maintenance

We make it easy to schedule appointments for routine cosmetic laser maintenance. Our staff can help you walk through a service or LVM screen (in most devices) while powered on. We’ll determine if a device might need simple maintenance or if there might be greater underlying issues. Our company uses manufacturer-trained technicians that are ready to get your devices back up and running. 

Coronavirus may have directly impacted your clinic, but neglecting your laser maintenance can cause other problems down the road. Our service technicians can evaluate devices in any manner that is comfortable with you. If you are thinking about selling used lasers, we can make an offer to purchase your cosmetic lasers that are no longer making your clinic income. Contact our team today to schedule a maintenance checkup.

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