Why You Need the Lumenis LightSheer Infinity for Your Aesthetic Services

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Estheticians and Dermatologists everywhere are ecstatic when they get a Lumenis LightSheer Infinity to use for their aesthetic services– and for a good reason! When you buy a Lumenis laser, you aren’t only getting state-of-the-art technology, but you are also diversifying your business. At Laser Resellers, we want to guide you to make smart purchases, so here’s why we’d recommend the Lumenis LightSheer Infinity:

The Power of Lumenis LightSheer Infinity

This Lumenis laser comes equipped with an 805 nm and 1060 nm dual-wavelength diode system. It also comes with a variety of spot sizes ranging from 9×9 mm, 9×27 mm to 22×35 mm, providing you with one machine that has two technologies and six treatment methods. With intuitive presets and easy to operate functions, this aesthetic laser is an ideal laser.

Services and Procedures You Can Offer

With the Lumenis LightSheer Infinity, you can offer up to six treatment methods for hair removal services. The laser hair removal treatment provided by this aesthetic equipment is proven to give patients results 75% faster than the market average. The LightSheer Infinity also gives you the option to treat patients for vascular lesions, pigmented lesions and wrinkle reduction. 

Guaranteed Satisfaction and Rapid ROI

Our 2014 Lumenis LightSheer Infinity aesthetic laser is designed to give patients the comfort they need and the results they desire, fast! Also, when you buy used aesthetic equipment from Laser Resellers, you’re able to get a rapid return on investment because you can perform multiple treatments without spending outrageous amounts on new aesthetic equipment. 

If you are looking for used aesthetic laser equipment that will provide your patients with permanent hair removal, vascular lesion, pigmented lesion and wrinkle reduction treatment, the Lumenis LightSheer Infinity is the device for you. Interested in getting a quote, or do you want to trade in your old equipment to buy the LightSheer Infinity? Contact our team today!

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