2021 Porter Nitronox


The 2021 Porter Nitronox is the embodiment of modern pain relief technology. Specifically curated to offer rapid and safe alleviation from discomfort in diverse medical environments, its features are tailored to prioritize patient safety above all. With a non-adjustable perfect blend of nitrous oxide and oxygen, practitioners can be assured of delivering consistent and risk-free pain relief to their patients.

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Product Details:

  • Brand: Porter
  • Model: Nitronox
  • Year: 2021
  • System: Nitrous oxide and oxygen analgesic delivery

Key Features:

    • Consistent Gas Blend: Offers a fixed 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, ensuring patients receive a uniform and safe dose without the possibility of unintended adjustments.
    • Automatic Safety Mechanisms: In instances of reduced oxygen supply, the system is designed to halt nitrous oxide delivery, guarding against potential risks.
    • Enhanced Oxygen Delivery: In situations where patients breathe shallowly, the device increases the oxygen concentration to maintain safety levels.
    • Fail-Safe Oxygen Feature: In the unlikely scenario of nitrous oxide running out, the Nitronox ensures the continuous flow of pure oxygen.
    • Hygienic Breathing Solutions: Uses single-use breathing circuits and masks for each patient, reinforcing cleanliness and reducing cross-contamination risks.
  • With the 2021 Porter Nitronox, medical professionals can strike the perfect balance
    between patient comfort and safety. Its thoughtful design and patient-centric features make it a sought-after choice in clinics and medical facilities.

    • Date of Manufacture: 2021
    • Warranty: Each unit is backed by a 30-Day Warranty, ensuring it’s delivered in optimal working condition.


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