A Deep Dive into Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Machines

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For as long as humans have had hair, we’ve also had the urge to remove it. In Ancient Egypt, one of the earliest cultures to practice hair removal, it was common for both men and women to remove body hair by tweezing, threading, and depilatory creams. While not as effective as the different types of laser hair removal machines we have today, these tools played an important part in ancient Egyptian’s grooming habits. And they weren’t the only ones! Hair removal has been common throughout the ages in multiple cultures, from Romans using razors and pumice stones to remove unwanted hair to women in the Middle Ages removing hair from their hairlines to create a higher hairline, which was (for some reason) fashionable at the time.

The late 19th and early 20th centuries made hair removal easier and more accessible, with the advent of products like commercial depilatory creams and the safety laser. Electrolysis, a permanent hair removal method, was developed in the late 19th century, with laser hair removal becoming popular in the late 20th century and remaining so today, where it’s one of the most popular options for people seeking a relatively painless and permanent way to get rid of unwanted hair.

These days, cosmeticians looking for equipment for laser hair removal are spoiled for choice, with numerous machines designed to cater to a wide range of skin and hair types on the market. In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of several different types of laser hair removal machines to help you make the best selection for your practice.

A Look at the Different Types of Laser Hair Removal Machines

Alexandrite Laser

The Alexandrite Laser, which emits a wavelength of 755 nanometers, is one of the most widely used lasers for hair removal procedures, being best suited for removing fine to coarse hair. Its beams are also effective for treating vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, and removing tattoos. This laser is effective for treating a wide range of skin types, and is particularly suited for people with fair to olive skin tones.

Examples of Alexandrite Lasers include the Candela GentleLASE Pro, Cynosure Apogee Elite+, and the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum. 

Diode Laser

Diode Lasers are best known for their speed and efficiency, which makes them suitable for larger treatment areas, such as the legs and back. They emit light at a wavelength of around 800 to 810 nanometers, allowing for deeper penetration levels and better melanin absorption than other laser systems, like the Ruby and Alexandrite.. Diode lasers can be used on various skin and hair types, though treatments with this laser may be less effective on very light or gray hair.

Examples of diode lasers include the Lumenis LightSheer, Alma Soprano Ice, and the Syneron-Candela GentleMax Pro.

Nd:Yag Laser

Nd:YAG lasers are named after the laser medium, Neodymium: yytrium-aluminum garnet, and designed specifically for treatments addressing freckles and pigmentation.They are also effective for treating coarse hair. At about 1064 nanometers, they emit a longer wavelength than some other laser systems, which makes them suitable for people with darker skin types and tanned skin. Because these lasers are less absorbed by melanin in the skin, they run a lower risk of skin damage or pigmentation changes than treatments with other laser types.

Examples of lasers that use Nd:YAG technology include the Cutera CoolGlide, Candela GentleYAG, and the Sciton Joule. 

Ruby Laser

Ruby lasers are one of the earliest lasers used for hair removal; the first working laser was a ruby laser developed in May of 1960!. It gets its name from the ruby colored wavelength of light it emits, at a wavelength of 694 nanometers. Because ruby lasers use melanin targeting, they’re best suited for individuals with light skin and dark hair. They’re less commonly used today due to the development of newer laser technologies with broader applicability, but are sometimes still used for tattoo removal and for treating pigmented lesions.

Examples of machines using ruby laser technology are the Palomar E200 and the EpiTough PLus Ruby Laser.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Laser

Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL lasers, are…not actually technically lasers, but these devices are sold alongside laser technology. This non-invasive technique utilizes a broad spectrum of light to target melanin in hair follicles, making them effective for treating skin pigmentation, sun damage, and redness of the skin along with their effectiveness for hair removal and hair reduction. These devices are versatile and can be used for various skin and hair types, but because of the gentle nature of these IPL treatments, they may require more sessions for optimal results compared to traditional lasers.

Examples of devices using IPL technology include the Lumenis M22 and the Venus Versa IPL. 

Pulsed Dye Laser (PDL) 

Pulsed dye lasers utilize light converted into heat to target and destroy blood vessels in the skin without damaging the surrounding area of the skin. This technology gets its name from the fact that pulsed dye lasers use a solution with an organic dye to produce the laser effect. They emit light in the visible spectrum, about 585-595 nanometers. PDL treatments are typically used for skin conditions such as rosacea, facial redness or port wine stains, but they can be effective for specific cases of laser hair removal such as treating light or fine facial hair.

Examples of PDL technology include the Vbeam Perfecta, manufactured by Candela, and the Cynosure V-Star PDL.

Which Laser is Right For You?

With so many different types of laser hair removal machines, choosing exactly what machines you want to utilize for your business might be a tricky task. However, no matter what laser you decide to purchase, Laser Resellers will always be your best, reliable source for affordable gently used cosmetic equipment. 

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