A New Era For Laser Hair Removal: The Alma Soprano Ice

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Laser hair removal is an incredible thing; with a few quick treatments, your clients can say goodbye to waxing, shaving, and plucking away unwanted hairs for good. But, there’s a catch. Laser hair removal is notoriously painful. Worse? It only works for very particular skin types. At least, it did. Enter: The Alma Soprano Ice. With this device, you can give your clients the results they’re looking for without any of the drawbacks so commonly associated with the process. Let’s just say, modern technology is finally catching up to your clients’ needs. 

How It Works 

During laser hair removal, a laser emits a light that targets hair follicles. When the light reaches a root, it’s absorbed by the pigment in the hair, transforming it from light to heat energy. This damages the hair follicle, preventing (or delaying) future hair growth. The existing hair will eventually fall out. 

The Old Way

Before the invention of the technology used in the Alma Soprano Ice, laser hair removal (and intense pulsed light hair removal) involved pulsing the skin with a strong ray of light, which pigmented hair follicles would absorb. They’d then heat up to the point of destruction. This method, while effective, comes with its fair share of issues. 

To start, traditional hair removal lasers don’t necessarily provide a pleasant experience for patients; many say the procedure feels like getting snapped by a hot rubber band. In addition, they often left patients with subpar results due to inconsistent coverage. Portions of skin would see a reduction in hair growth, while others would not, leaving the patient with “zebra stripes” of hair. And the results weren’t any better for areas with overlapping coverage, as going over the same location multiple times could potentially burn the recipient’s skin. 

The Soprano Ice

The Alma Soprano Ice works a little differently – and the result? A much-improved experience for both patients and practitioners. The Soprano Ice combines multiple laser wavelengths and technologies to provide high absorption, complete coverage, and a pain-free experience. 

One of the major differences between the Soprano Ice and traditional laser hair removal systems is that this laser uses Alma’s SHR, or “Super Hair Removal”, technology (yes, that’s actually what it stands for). This groundbreaking innovation was created in 2006 by Alma’s founder, Dr. Ziv Karni, and one of Alma’s clinical application directors, Dr. Joseph Lepselter.  

SHR involves gradually heating up the skin’s dermis until the hair follicles are destroyed without damaging surrounding tissue. To do this, the laser delivers short pulses with a high repetition rate deep into the dermis, heating the entire area being treated instead of blasting each individual hair follicle. And unlike most laser treatments, the practitioner will use gliding motions to ensure consistent coverage and minimize the risk of burns.

Why Choose An Alma Soprano Ice Laser?

The Soprano Ice is leading the industry as the most effective, versatile hair removal solution to date. The benefits of this device are staggering. 

Virtually Painless

The Alma Soprano Ice’s specially designed applicators keep the skin cool for a longer period of time than traditional laser hair removal devices while keeping the dermis heated. This not only reduces the chance of burns, but allows for a more pleasant treatment experience. Most patients only experience a gentle warming sensation during the procedure. 

Works For All Skin Types

Traditional laser hair removal devices tend to work best on light skin with dark hair, which excluded a great deal of people from getting these treatments done. Since melanated skin absorbed much of the laser’s energy, it would heat up significantly. This not only makes the procedure excruciatingly painful for those with darker skin, but it increased the risk of burns. The Soprano Ice, on the other hand, offers three different wavelengths for hair removal, allowing it to treat a much wider range of skin and hair types. It even works on sun-tanned skin. 

What Your Clients Can Expect

It might come as a surprise to patients that the Alma Soprano Ice has constant contact with the skin. The practitioner will apply a clear gel to the treatment area (similar to that of an ultrasound), then move the device in quick gliding motions over the skin. The entire procedure can be done in a matter of minutes (depending on the size of the treatment area), and there’s virtually no recovery period. Patients are, however, advised against exposing the treated skin to excessive heat immediately after the procedure, and they should use sun protection and stay away from tanning beds for a period as well. 

After the treatment is complete, the hair will fall out over the course of about a week. For the best results, most practices recommend approximately 6-8 treatments scheduled 4-6 weeks apart, and additional treatments may be necessary down the line if some hair growth returns over time.

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