You Can’t Trust Every Company With Laser Equipment For Sale

Posted on in Buying Used Equipment by Zac

It’s a beautiful day outside, the person in line before you offers to buy your morning coffee, and you think to yourself, “today’s the day. I’m finally going to buy that cosmetic laser our practice has needed for so long.” You get to the office, open your laptop, and begin the hunt for a used laser. Almost immediately, you find a reseller claiming to have the exact laser equipment for sale that you’re looking for, so, you enter in your payment information and click “purchase.” Two weeks later, the day finally arrives – it’s time to pick up your brand new used laser! Except, what arrives isn’t exactly what you ordered. Sure, it’s a cosmetic laser, but not the one you thought you were getting. The harsh reality begins to set in: you’ve been swindled. 

Unfortunately, scenarios like this aren’t uncommon; when you purchase used lasers without thoroughly vetting the reseller, who’s to say what you’re going to get. While you could end up with exactly what you ordered, it’s not guaranteed. You might end up with a similar product, a completely different one, or worse yet, no laser shows up at all.

Do They Have Their Online Inventory In Stock?

Often, other companies selling used lasers will claim to have the laser in their inventory when in reality, they don’t. They advertise equipment they don’t actually own. When an unfortunate buyer attempts to purchase one of these nonexistent lasers, the reseller begins their own search to find what the buyer was looking for, or at least, something somewhat resembling it. Bait-and-switch scams are not uncommon in this industry. 

The solution here is to confirm that the people claiming to have used laser equipment for sale actually do before handing over your hard-earned money. To start, make sure they can provide a picture of the product, and not one that’s been stolen from another source. (We watermark our photographs so untrustworthy resellers won’t be able to use them.) Then, take a look at the laser’s description, and make sure it isn’t copied and pasted from elsewhere on the internet. 

Do They Provide Maintenance? 

Nothing is more disappointing than finally buying a used laser only to realize that it is in desperate need of repairs. No matter how nice the laser is or how many treatments it can provide, it won’t do you any good if it doesn’t work. So, the next step in determining if a seller of used lasers can be trusted is to check if they provide maintenance to the equipment before selling them. Even high-tech machines like cosmetic lasers will experience a little wear and tear over the years, and any reputable reseller will correct the damage before shipping them out.

Now, you might be thinking, “If it works, it works, do I really need to find laser equipment for sale that’s had maintenance?” To start, well-maintained laser machines are far less likely to break down than those that haven’t been cared for, saving you from having to make costly, time-consuming repairs down the road. In addition, the better a laser is maintained, the safer and more effective it is for clients. Even seemingly small issues such as dust and debris in the filters can damage the machine and lead to subpar results. 

Do They Offer Warranties?  

Buying a used cosmetic laser is a big deal, just one new device can allow you to expand your treatment offerings immensely. But, once again, that’s only if it works. If you see laser equipment for sale without a warranty, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise in the days or weeks following your purchase. Servicing from the manufacturer could cost thousands, and that’s not even considering the price of replacement parts. 

Plus, it can take a while to get repairs scheduled, and during that time, your laser will be out of commission, so you won’t be able to perform any procedures using it. On the other hand, if the laser breaks within the reseller’s warranty period, they’ll either take care of fixing it for you or give you your money back.  

Is The Seller Accessible? 

If a website with used laser equipment for sale doesn’t have any contact information, that could be a major red flag. A legitimate cosmetic laser reseller will make communication easy – if they have nothing to hide, they should want to speak with you. When you call, a real person should answer (or call you back), and when they do, they should be helpful, not rude or dismissive. 

You’ll likely have some questions for the seller before you dive in and purchase because even if you find a good deal, cosmetic lasers are a big investment. Luckily, getting those answers won’t just help you decide whether or not to buy, they’re also an excellent opportunity to vet the seller. In general, the people selling you a used cosmetic laser should be able to answer some basic questions about it, and if they can’t, it might be a sign they aren’t as trustworthy as they claim to be. For example, a knowledgeable reseller should be able to tell you:

  • The brand and model
  • Technical Specifications
  • What treatments the laser offers
  • What accessories the laser comes with

You Can Trust Laser Resellers

If you aren’t sure where to turn when it comes to finding a trustworthy, legitimate company to purchase a cosmetic laser from, look no further than Laser Resellers – we’ll make sure that you get exactly what you were looking for. To start, we only advertise equipment that we physically have in stock, so you never have to worry about a bait and switch. We also provide maintenance to every piece of equipment we sell, guaranteeing that it is in perfect working condition when it arrives – and if for any reason it’s not, you can return it with our standard 30-day guarantee. 

Ready for a better cosmetic laser buying experience? Contact us today! We’ll gladly answer any questions you have.