Should You Look For A New Or Used Laser for Sale?

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As an aesthetic professional, you let your creativity shine through by providing relaxing and restorative treatments that improve the confidence and self-image of your clients, but the superior service you give them is only as good as the tools you have on hand. Although treatments such as laser hair removal and photofacial skin rejuvenation are extremely popular, shopping for the equipment necessary to offer these services can be tricky. 

Though it can actually be more expensive, buying the right laser is a bit like purchasing a vehicle – you ask yourself the same kinds of questions: what’s your price range? What do you intend to use it for? And like with vehicles, if you’re interested in purchasing an aesthetic laser, you have a difficult decision to make – do you buy new or used? When you see a used laser for sale, should you go for it? Is it worth it?

Below, we’ll dive into the benefits of buying used lasers for your practice, but to truly learn whether buying used is the best choice, we must first explain the benefits of buying new. 

Buying New

You Get The Most Updated Technology

New cosmetic laser machines may be expensive, but there’s a reason for that – Manufacturers set a high sticker price in order to recuperate years of research and development expenses. That means when you decide to throw down tens of thousands of dollars, what you get in return is the latest technology that improves upon previous, older models. This can be very important, especially in an industry as dynamic as aesthetic laser treatments; patients and consumers are often looking for breakthrough treatments, so it can make a big difference if, in your clinic, you have the newest technology and most innovative treatments on the market. 

You Don’t Need To Worry About Untrustworthy Resellers 

When you buy new, you don’t have to worry about vetting the seller as strenuously, getting references, or receiving information about the equipment such as a record of service or a checklist of all work that’s been performed. Essentially, you’ll know where the laser machine is coming from and you’ll know its history. 

On the other hand, some laser reselling companies claim to have a used laser for sale, when in reality, they don’t. Instead, they operate by getting a deposit from the buyer and then searching for a laser that is similar to what was requested. In those cases, the buyer often ends up with something substantially different from what they thought they ordered, or worse, they end up with nothing at all. 

No Hidden Fees

There can be hidden pitfalls and unanticipated costs when buying used compared to buying new, like having to go back to the manufacturer for repairs and being hit with recertification fees. This is not something you need to concern yourself with when buying new.

Buying Used

Save On Costs

The average laser can cost anywhere from $50,000–$250,000, making it a significant asset to a business. However, once purchased, a laser’s value depreciates quickly. If you buy new, you’ll have to use the equipment for many years before you offset the investment and actually start profiting from the purchase. On the other hand, a used laser for sale, even one that is only a year or so old, will cost thousands of dollars less than if you purchased it brand new. 

In fact, many types of pre-owned laser equipment can be purchased for about half the price of new, which means you start to turn a profit in half the time. And when you decide to resell your laser machine, the depreciation between the second and third sale will be much less, so you’ll be able to recoup much of the money you invested in it. 

Because pre-owned laser equipment is significantly less expensive, your company may also be able to purchase more equipment than would’ve been possible if you were buying new – and being able to offer a wider range of cosmetic procedures or treating more clients in a given amount of time is a sure way to increase business. 

Easier Maintenance

Rather than paying the high rates that machine manufacturers usually charge, pre-owned aesthetic lasers can be repaired and maintained by independent service providers. Plus, older models are generally less complicated, making repairs and preventative maintenance quicker, and since replacement parts are readily available, servicing is likely to be less expensive.

The Technology Is Like New

While it’s true that laser technology is constantly evolving, it’s not changing as quickly as aesthetic laser manufacturers would like us to think. Developing entirely new equipment and getting it approved by the FDA would take a lot of time. For that reason, newer models may not be that different from older or original models. 

Manufacturers tend to only make small changes from year to year. While they may update the software or increase the laser speed, the main function, design, and effectiveness of the laser equipment usually stay the same. So, as long as the laser is still effectively performing the aesthetic treatments you offer, clients will be pleased with the results.

The Equipment Is More Reliable  

Some business owners think that purchasing new laser equipment directly from the manufacturer is the only way to ensure that it works properly, but pre-owned machines are a great alternative – they also come with a guarantee. When you see a used laser for sale from a reputable laser service company, you can be sure that the equipment is of high quality and works well. 

The reputation of a laser service company rests on the products available – that’s why used equipment is always carefully inspected and refurbished before being resold. And with pre-owned equipment, you also have the benefit of reading reviews. Since the equipment has been on the market for a few years, it’s possible to research different models and find out which is more effective based on others’ first-hand experience.

When You See a Used Laser For Sale, Go For It

As long as you follow smart buying practices, there’s no reason not to look for a used laser for sale over a brand new one – just make sure you choose a reliable reseller. 

If you’re searching for a high-quality used laser, we’ve got you covered. At Laser Resellers, we stock all of the devices advertised on our website (or anywhere else) in our warehouse, so you never have to worry about a bait and switch, and we provide service to every laser we sell so you can rest assured that the device you purchase is in top condition.
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