Assessing The Suitability Of Used Lasers

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Whether it be for hair removal, vein treatments, skin resurfacing, or antiaging, laser procedures are in high demand. According to an American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) report, practitioners in the US performed 757,808 laser hair removal procedures, 997,245 laser skin resurfacing procedures, and 168,682 leg veins procedures in 2020. Considering nearly 300 million USD was spent on laser hair removal treatments alone, this trend presents a huge financial opportunity for dermatology practices and medspas. With a cosmetic laser, you can begin offering the procedures your clientele really wants. 

While you could always opt to buy a new laser, used lasers are a great alternative for those looking to save a little money. The question is, how do you determine if a particular used laser is right for your practice?  

How To Determine The Suitability Of Used Lasers

Step 1. Learn About:

Laser Treatments In General

To truly tell if a laser is worth the investment, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of how lasers and laser treatments work in general. A great way to do this is to join organizations and societies revolving around laser dermatology. These groups often host meetings and events where you can learn from experienced laser users through lectures, hands-on demonstrations, and group discussions. There are also some great resources online if you’d like to do some research into laser technology yourself, which is an excellent way to dip your toes in the water. 

The Parent Company

Once you’ve gained a working knowledge of laser treatments in general and picked out a few used lasers you’d be interested in investing in, you can then look at the parent company’s website for information on the specific lasers you’re considering. Most of these sites will have educational and marketing materials you can browse to learn more about the devices and the treatments they offer, and representatives you can speak with to learn more. You could (and should) also check the website for testimonials, white papers, and scientific reviews of the laser (if you can’t find them on the parent website, do some digging on the internet). Some companies will even allow you to attend a training or request a demonstration of the machine. 

The Reseller 

Before purchasing a used laser, you’ll want to make sure you’re working with a reputable reseller, as many companies with big, impressive claims will fail to deliver. To start, make sure the reseller has adequate information on the laser specifications itself, and then make sure they actually have that laser in stock. If possible, try and find out how many used lasers they’ve sold, how long they’ve been in operation, and see if there are any online reviews. 

Step 2. Assess The Technology 

Finally, when buying used lasers, you’ll want to assess the technology itself and make sure everything you need is included in the purchase. 

Many devices you’ll see on the market have built-in cooling systems (either cryogen spray, contact parallel cooling, or simultaneous air cooling). This will protect the patient’s epidermis before, during, and after treatment. You’ll need to make sure the laser’s cooling function is in proper working condition, as the filter for air cooling systems needs regular cleaning in order to work properly. 

It’s also important to clarify if the device comes equipped with the necessary safety glasses and corneal shields at the recommended optical density (OD). These will help block harmful energy from damaging the practitioner’s and the patient’s eyes when the laser is in use. (These glasses can be more expensive than one might assume, so be sure to maintain them well.)

And of course, try to obtain the system manual as well. While no one wants to read a manual, they can certainly come in handy should any issues arise down the road.

Purchase A Cosmetic Laser From A Company You Can Trust

Buying a used laser can be challenging; there are hundreds of lasers on the market and numerous companies to purchase them from, so it can be difficult to know who to trust. Resellers will notoriously advertise lasers they don’t have in stock, send broken equipment, or even ship the wrong device. That’s not the game we’re playing at Laser Resellers. If you see a cosmetic laser on our website, it’s guaranteed to be in stock, and if you decide to invest, the laser you order will be the laser you get. We provide maintenance to every laser we sell, guaranteeing they are in perfect working condition, and if for any reason you encounter an issue, we offer a 30-day warranty so you can get your money back. 

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