2019 Rohrer Pixel8 RF


The 2019 Rohrer Pixel8 RF masterfully merges radiofrequency (RF) and micro-needling to offer a sophisticated solution for skin rejuvenation, setting a new standard in non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

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The Rohrer Pixel8 RF system is a hallmark of innovation in skin care, providing a less invasive yet effective approach to skin rejuvenation. By delivering RF energy through precision micro-needles, it initiates a natural healing process in the skin, leading to enhanced collagen and elastin production. The outcome is visibly firmer, smoother, and rejuvenated skin, appealing to a broad range of aesthetic needs.


Key Features:

  • Precise Adjustment: The device’s state-of-the-art control system allows for meticulous customization of needle depth and RF energy, catering to various skin types and specific concerns.
  • Reduced Downtime: Engineered for minimal invasiveness, the Pixel8 RF offers quick post-treatment recovery, enabling patients to resume their routine with little delay.
  • Multi-purpose Application: From reducing wrinkles and fine lines to improving skin texture and treating acne scars, this device is versatile in addressing numerous skin conditions.
  • Optimized Comfort: Designed with patient comfort in mind, the Pixel8 RF includes an advanced cooling system to minimize discomfort and protect against thermal damage.

Technical Specifications:

Technology: Bipolar Radiofrequency with Micro-Needling
RF Frequency: 1 MHzNeedle Depth Control: 0.5mm to 3.5mm, adjustable
Power Requirements: AC 110V – 220V, 50/60Hz


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