2021 BTL Cellutone


Introducing the 2021 BTL Cellutone – your pathway to smoother, cellulite-free skin. This innovative device harnesses the power of targeted mechanical vibrations to significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite in problem areas.

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By enhancing microcirculation and oxygen supply, the BTL Cellutone not only diminishes cellulite but also improves the overall texture and tone of your skin.



  • Targeted Vibrations: BTL Cellutone utilizes mechanical vibrations aimed directly at cellulite-prone areas, promoting enhanced microcirculation and oxygen supply.
  • Non-Surgical Solution: Say goodbye to stubborn cellulite without undergoing invasive procedures. BTL Cellutone offers a non-surgical method to smooth out the skin, making it a safer alternative with minimal to no downtime.
  • Complementary Treatment: Elevate the results of other aesthetic treatments by combining them with the Cellutone treatment. Its gentle vibrations and massage improve blood flow and help in the elimination of treated cells through the lymphatic system.
  • Quick and Effective: Witness noticeable improvements in skin texture and cellulite reduction with this rapid, effective treatment. The BTL Cellutone is designed to deliver remarkable results, helping you achieve your aesthetic goals quicker.


  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Skin Texture Improvement

Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency: Mechanical vibrations
  • Treatment Type: Cellulite Reduction
  • Manufacturer: BTL Aesthetics
  • Year Manufactured: 2021


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